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Hey guys. Big Gulps, eh? All right! (Pause) Welp, seeya later!

That was a Dumb and Dumber reference. If you got it, we have a 73% higher chance of being friends. This was also my high school yearbook quote 🤷🏻‍♀️

Me, the work edition: I’m an Operating Partner at Accomplice; founder/GP of Yubari, an angel fund; and co-founder the Blueprint Enneagram app. I'm formerly a startup person (at Ovuline and Abine) and a lawyer. I invest in things that feel like they’re out of sci-fi and video games, like augmented/virtual reality and AI. I'm also a coach for a select number of individuals. If you're looking for a new (and often very direct) perspective on a transition in your life or a problem you're having, please reach out to me. ​I create a custom approach to your unique situation using my experience across psychology, the law, tech startups, venture capital investing, alternative traditions, the Enneagram personality model, and more.

Me, the personal edition: I buy more books than I can read. If I could make just one food calorie-free for life, it’d be brownie sundaes. Cosplay, Halloween, and theme parties are my favorite things. I have a tattoo of the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda. I can do a lot of pull-ups. I crush sci-fi books, shows, and movies. Poor grammar makes me unhappy. I wish I could take a nap every day. I like electronic music, the First Amendment, and anti-humor. I have two fat adopted cats. My core personal values are authenticity, autonomy, and justice.

Media bio: Sarah A. Downey is an Operating Partner at Accomplice (a venture capital fund) and a General Partner at Yubari (an angel fund). Her 50+ investments focus on frontier tech and consumer digital health. Sarah co-founded Rev Boston, an award and event honoring 20 of the top female VPs and directors in Boston tech, and Blueprint, a soon to be launched consumer mobile app focused on the Enneagram personality model. Previously, she was Director of Marketing at Ovia Health and Manager of Content and Communications at Abine. Sarah received her JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law and a BA in Psychology from Hamilton College. Sarah has been published in over 250 publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. She was a board member of the nonprofit InnerCity Weightlifting and volunteers with TINT, a nonprofit that gives $25k grants and coaching to high potential but under-resourced individuals. Sarah is a video gamer, weight lifter, and fan of scifi and free speech.

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