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If you're looking for a new (and often very direct) perspective on a transition in your life or a problem you're having, I'm taking on a small number of select people to coach one-on-one. ​I create a custom approach to your unique situation using my experience across psychology, the law, tech startups, venture capital investing, alternative traditions, the Enneagram personality model, and more. Please reach out to me if you think our personalities and my approach could be a fit.


If you're building something that feels like it's out of a scifi novel, I will probably love it. Tough, tech-heavy ideas are my thing. E.g., robotics, AR/VR, gaming, and the future of consumer health.

I mostly write personal angel checks these days for my fund, Yubari. Accomplice's average check size is bigger at ~$1.5-3M (so larger seeds).

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